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Eco-aire Window Pellet Unit

             The revolutionary design of this stove is like nothing else in the industry. Now, take pellet heat into areas that were once nto possible. Great for all season patios, additions, bedrooms, and cabins, this stove is perfect for providing a comforting heat.

Approved installation: Window or Wall, Mobile Homes

Remote Control Included!

Specifications and Dimensions


  • Up to 24,000 BTUs: Providing comforting heat up to 750 sqare feet.
  • The Automatic Fuel Feed lets you burn up to 33 hours on each load with the 33 lb. hopper fuel capacity.
  • Stove comes with everything included for a quick, easy, and safe installation.
  • New patented design.
  • Electronic controls.
  • Quiet 125CFM blower.
  • Standard 3-prong 110 volt power supply.
  • The Automatic Fire Starter igniter assures the stove ligths quickly and safely. No messy starter gels needed.
  • One touch digital technology control board with multiple safety checks and diagnostics; extending the life and efficiency of your stove.
  • Environmentally friendly: meeting, or exceeding all federal and state emissions standards.
  • Easily installs into an existing window or through the wall.
  • Remote control.

Specifications and Dimensions

Specifications Dimensions
Weight: 127 lbs. Width: 22.5 inches (at rear)
Burn Time: Up to 30 hours Width Opening: 22.875 inches
Max BTU: 24,000 Depth: 24.875 inches
SQ. Ft. Range: 1,000 Height: 21.375 inches
Hopper Capacity: Up to 30 lbs. EPA: Certified*
* Washington state approved