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The Empyre Hot Water Outdoor Furnace stands out among outdoor hot water boilers for its high quality 304 Stainless Steel construction, its outstanding warranty, and its tremendous flexibility. Although it was originally designed to burn cordwood, the Empyre may be equipped with a Pro-Stoker, allowing you to burn corn, ag cubes, wood pellets, coal, or other biomass fuels. The Empyre is available in four sizes to fit any residential or small business heating load and is equipped with several ports for multiple hookups. The Empyre is ideal for heating houses, shops, small greenhouses, pools, hot tubs, garages, sheds, and domestic hot water.

How it Works
Inside the Empyre

How It Works

The Empyre Outdoor Hot Water Furnace connects directly into your existing heating system in your home, shop, greenhouse, or other application. The Empyre is designed with a central firebox surrounded by a large capacity water reserve. The corrugated firebox top provides maximum surface area for the most efficient heat. After the water is heated, it is channeled to your home’s heating system through underground insulated pipes.

In your house, the hot water from the furnace may be used for several applications. The hot water line is typically connected to your hot water tank through a heat exchanger, providing all your domestic hot water. The water is then channeled into the existing radiant or forced air heating system. Depending on the application, a water-to-air heat exchanger can be installed to direct the heat into your heating system. The Empyre is installed in conjunction with an existing heating system, which remains connected as a backup system.

Heat is thermostatically controlled on the furnace by setting the aquastat to your desired temperature, ensuring even, consistent, efficient heat. The Empyre is equipped with multiple hookups, allowing you to heat several buildings at once.

Inside the Empyre



The Empyre Outdoor Hot Water Furnace is ideal for a variety of applications. It can be used for a single building or residence or piped to other areas. The diagrams below show just a few of the possible applications. Contact a dealer near you for information on setting up an Empyre to meet your needs.

Radiant In-Floor Heating

In-floor heating is the most efficient and comfortable heating option, as hot water flows through tubes in the floor of a house or building, providing consistent heat.

Forced Air Systems

Heat can also be transferred from the Empyre through your existing forced air system. A water-to-air heat exchanger converts heat from the water into usable heat for your forced air system.

Domestic Hot Water, Pools, and Hot Tubs

In addition to heating houses and other buildings, the Empyre Hot Water Furnace also provides heat for all domestic hot water. Generally a side arm heat exchanger unit is installed to your hot water tank. Similarly, the Empyre can provide heat for pools and hot tubs through a water-to-water heat exchanger installed on the pool heater.

Other Buildings

Other applications, such as greenhouses, shops, sheds, and other outbuildings use similar hookup methods, and in most cases, a single Empyre unit can provide heat for several buildings.