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Crown Royal RS 7400E

EPA Phase II Qualified

Greentech Manufacturing’s Pristine Series has the Highest required standards in mind. Our EPA Phase II Stove is one of the cleanest burning units available. Enjoy your stove with con dence, knowing it has a 20 Year Limited Warranty.

The RS 7400E has an approximate range of 300,000 BTU’s and estimated heating capacity of 7,000 - 8,000 square feet. The RS 7400E is one of the largest EPA Phase II Stoves on the market today.

Parts Breakdown

Construction: Manufactured of high quality 409 Stainless Steel.

Control Panel: Simple but e ective digital temperature control.

Fire Refractory: Manufactured for durability to e ciently store heat generated for re-igniting wood and gasses quickly.

1: Firebox Door: Extra large insulated door for easy loading of fuel.

2: Primary Burn Chamber: Large sealed rebox chamber door allowing wood to burn only when air is introduced.

3: Air Delivery Tubes: Designed to distribute preheated outside air evenly within the rebox allowing the most even possible burn.

4: Secondary Burn Chamber: Exhaust gases from rebox are injected with air to achieve temperatures up to 2300ºF and 99% fuel combustion. 5: Secondary Combustion Chamber Door: Wide insulated door for easy cleaning.

6: Heat Transfer Tubes: Strategically placed in the water reservoir to e ciently transfer heat, generated in the secondary burn chamber, to the water.

7: Heat Transfer Doors: Large Insulated doors for easy access to clean heat transfer tubes.

8: Stainless Steel Flue: Conventional ue exhausts has temperatures of 800ºF - 1000ºF. The RS7400E has fuel exhaust as low as 280ºF.


Width: 54"
Length: 81"
Height: 86.5"
Max Firewood Length: 34"
Chimney Size: 6"
Door Size: 22" x 26"
Supply Size:  2 - 1-1/4
Return Size: 2 - 1-1/4
Water Capacity: 390 Gallons
Turbo Fan: 150 cfm
Approximate Sq. Ft.:                 7,000 - 8,000          
Approximate BTU's: 300,000
Insulation Walls: R 30
Insulation Roof: R 40
TYPE 409 Stainless Steel:     YES

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