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The Cozeburn Hot Water Outdoor Furnace is the perfect choice for all your residential heating needs. The Cozeburn is ideal for heating houses, shops, small greenhouses, pools, hot tubs, garages, sheds, and domestic hot water.

Retail price: Ranges from $5,995 - $8,295 depending on the stove mdoel. This includes the stove only. Freight, parts, labor, and tax are extra. (The average installation of the 250 model is between $7500-$8200 and this includes stove, freight, parts, labor.)

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Crown Royal RS 7200-7500

The Crown Royal Stove is a non pressurized system and designed to be located next to your firewood storage for convenience and is normally filled once or twice a day, depending on the temperature outside. The Crown Royal firebox and outer drum is constructed of 10 gauge 409 AL titanium enhanced stainless steel; for the best corrosion resistance and heat transfer possible, the firebox and outer drum are a round design with shaker grates, and a ash pan designed in the unit, for easy cleaning. The combustion air is introduced under the grates for a much hotter and cleaner burn, also air is introduced on the top of the inside firebox to help burn gases inside the stove which produces more heat in the unit in which less wood is burned and less heat goes up the chimney. The Crown Royal provides hot water for hot air duct systems, water baseboards, radiant floor heat, unit heaters, hot tubs, pools, greenhouses and other existing hydronic systems. The Crown Royal Stove design goal is to give years of service and make it easy to maintain and operate.

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Crown Royal RS 7400E

Greentech Manufacturing’s Pristine Series has the Highest required standards in mind. Our EPA Phase II Stove is one of the cleanest burning units available. Enjoy your stove with con dence, knowing it has a 20 Year Limited Warranty. The RS 7400E has an approximate range of 300,000 BTU’s and estimated heating capacity of 7,000 - 8,000 square feet. The RS 7400E is one of the largest EPA Phase II Stoves on the market today.

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