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Ralph Balltrip
Lexington, KY

(859) 299-2267

Cell Phone:
(859) 576-7621


Let Kentucky Wood Heat take care of all your heating needs!

Kentucky Wood Heat is a family owned and operated business located in Lexington, KY that specializes in dealing and installing the Empyre and Cozeburn outdoor furnaces. Manufactured in Canada by Pro-Fab Industries, Inc., these furnaces are sold all throughout Canada and the United States. Whether for your home, shop, greenhouse, pool, hot tub, or domestic hot water, the Empyre and Cozeburn furnaces are ideal solutions for all your heating needs.

The benefits of use include:
  • They are a safe and efficient alternative heat source.
  • They can be used in both residential and commercial applications.
  • They are environmentally friendly!

"Pro-Fab Industries recognizes the need to protect and conserve the environment and is committed to using renewable fuels and developing high efficiency furnaces that are cost effective and environmentally friendly."

Models are available in stock and on order. 

For pricing and installation information, contact Ralph Balltrip.